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Sadly I don't have a picture of when I was pony trekking, crossed a sim and lost my pony but kept my pose, but I was walking like John Wayne for about three days.

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I just finished hosting for my friend who was my DJ at club I used to work at; we went to step off the stage however I got down but my friend got stuck on his tip jar and only leaving region and coming back would fix it but I managed to get picture for future giggles and this was almost 3 years back - still makes me giggle! :D 


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A friend wanted to see what would happen if you mix a cute flower and a cute hamster as an avatar. Well, something happened, for sure. Something that provides cuteness overload.


A sudden fly on the ceiling is the photographer's worst nightmare.


A friend of mine overdid the 3D mouselook crayon a little bit... and created a prison.


"We have all sizes of marshmallows here, which one would you li... - the biggest one! - ... oh, are you sure? The biggest one is quite large and you m... - BRING IT ON!"


Technically not an image, but I still have no idea what has happened back then.


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