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On 7/27/2017 at 11:42 AM, Ivanova Shostakovich said:

   Your loyal subjects?

 real potato heads! Interesting, now I have an idea of how it's suppose to be like

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52 minutes ago, ZoaEroiKirei said:

When you're make-up is already melted throughout the day..

I have a neko that ends up like that after 7 or 8 teleports.  The only sure way to fix this for her is to relog.

Rhonda, on the other hand, never has this happen.  At worst on rare occasions I'll have a part that won't res and a quick tp home and back fixes it.

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How did I miss this thread? O.o For shame self...for shame...

Ok, umm, I have lots, I'll try to limit to a few per post, lmao. Most of these are from 2008-2009-ish

The first one, I do have to explain..or it's not nearly as funny.  2008, btw.... That's hubby and me in the tree..we were, let's just say, enjoying some fresh herbs at the time, and managed to sit in the tree(I don't know how, we've never been able to sit in this tree again since). Then we made a stick, because, that's what you do in trees while laughing your ass off.  The black cat on the ground..that's a friend of ours. We spent almost an HOUR and a HALF poking her with a stick..in voice chat..unable to breathe because...yeah you guessed it, lol.



RFL 2009-when building goes terribly, terribly wrong..


Facelight? aliens?..dunno 2009


Fetus hair..Hair Fair 2008



OK last one..for now...

Just some friends enjoying a pillow fight, armed with hard hats, climbing in a shopping cart at 4000 meters. As one does...


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