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Welcome to Shamokin - Family Friendly Roleplay Community

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Welcome to Shamokin - A family friendly roleplay community with numerous options for both residential living and employment. 

 - We are currently hiring for roleplay positions in all areas. If you have an interest in any roleplay opportunities, stop by our welcome center, fill out an application, and feel free to contact any of the managers with questions. We are especially interested in crime and punishment/legal roleplay and have FREE space available in several warehouses for criminal crews to work out of. 


101Mapletree.png.bb227a78ae4f0e665855a368e9c629c1.png101 E. Mapletree Rd  L$1200 for 800 prims 

103Mapletree.png.724190c94b802c7715fa1d8469abb3e5.png103 E. Mapletree Rd. L$1350 for 900 prims - 

100Spruce.png.6d52164b902d9df4701b14c7a72449ff.png100 N. Spruce St. L$1350 for 900 prims- 
101Spruce.png.e6f706d6ade15834b0412cdc948ccc03.png101 N. Spruce St. L$1050 for 700 prims - 
103Spruce.png.5a52de6ca09ca0aafb481121d83f0fe2.png103 N. Spruce St. L$1050 for 700 prims - 

101Front.png.74dc1628a260284665bbb4e65770f422.png101 E. Front St. L$1050 for 700 prims - 

100EHillside.png.8dfa994ec05974b2d5681f029a44f827.png100 E. Hillside Rd. L$1500 for 1000 prims - 
102EHillside.png.c2f29a0ef1bed3eecea6bcd057bb7aef.png102 E. Hillside Rd. L$1050 for 700 prims - 

100NBridgewater.png.c5ad3eb8b3bc5d0b1812034a2365c213.png100 N. Bridgewater Rd. L$1200 for 800 prims - 


ShamokinTrailerPark.png.b3a38ece413ee453807b2d797e4ccaac.pngShamokin Trailer Park. Each unit L$300 for 200 prims


MainStApartments.png.97d6f3a83486352fd3e08acd87ed9034.pngMain St. Townhomes - Each unit L$300 for 200 prims
MktStApartents.png.102de3e3f59dd4e690a0d7824e5ab1fe.pngMarket St. Apartments - Each unit L$300 for 200 prims

GutApts.png.1da25baa422aaebf6d1dff0638de7c9d.pngApartments in "The Gut" (NO CHILD AVATARS) - Each unit L$300 for 200 prims

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