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Can I use different name for Re-Sell Gacha Items ?

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Hello, I would like to re sell one of my rare gacha Item.

Its name is "JIAN :: Floofy Felines - Companion Kitty (RARE)"

I bought it long ago from inworld gatcha machine for 50L$ and I won the rare item.

Now it re-selling around 375L$ in marketplace by others, so we can understand the creator allows it to be re sell.

So my question is , do I have to use the exact name as "JIAN :: Floofy Felines - Companion Kitty (RARE)" to re sell that item in marketplace ? Or can i use different name such as "Jian Black Cat - a kitty will follow your avatar" and mention it as gacha item and its real name in item description? 

Thanks for answering.


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@Uli Roff, its no-modify so i cant and dont want to re name it.

But I can use different tittle for the item listing in the marketplace.

What I would like to know, is it ok with marketplace rules to use different title for the gacha item?

BTW: I got your point, others cant find the exact item if I use different name. But as a lot people use the same name I would like to try using suitable different name if it ok.

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You could put BOTH things in the listing name. You have that ability and I have seen some VERY long "names" in the past.  Typically though as has been said, people search for the exact name of the gacha item that they want :D.  Price is going to be the deciding factor for many as well as if you have lots of other gacha items up for sale and or a regular Marketplace site. This is to cut down on the chances of getting an empty box which does happen :D.


Good luck. 

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Hello Yasojith,

The short answer is yes.

The Product Listing Title is a separate and editable field to allow you to name the listing as you wish.

As others have stated, renaming a Gatcha item runs the risk of others not being able to search for the item itself since most Gatcha buyers will do a search using the name that the original creator used.

You can put the original item name in the Features List so that it will show up in any searches.

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