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Catalina Bay Resort Rentals from 45L/wk to 620L/wk

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Catalina Bay Rentals
You won't believe what you get here>>> Check it out.

Catalina Bay Resort subscribes to beautifying Second Life and we offer a wide variety of builds from the plain to the lavish and luxurious. We have fully-furnished Skybox Homes from 45L to 620L per week. The resort includes an extensive array of amenities for our renters and their guests. On the main land the sim are amenities ranging from horse trails to yoga to pixtionary to live performers at our club (see amenities list below). Learn more by riding the tour pod through the resort.

Resort Living With All The Amenities:

• Boat Rez Zone (sail directly to open LInden water from CBR)
• 7seas fishing and tournaments
• Party dock on the water for you and your friends including a BBQ
• Large dance club with indoor and outdoor seating
• Beach sunbathing
• Neighborhood event area
• Lighthouse with extreme diving
• Neighborhood pool
• Swimming rezzer for Linden water
• Beach volleyball
• Daily Bingo
• Archery games and tournaments
• Hang gliding
• Bungee Jumping
• Pixtionary
• Bumper boats and bumper boat game
• Swim with the dolphins
• Leatherback turtle (watch her lay her eggs) as you and your friends enjoy some marshmallows by the fire
• Beach chairs throughout and private areas
• Stables with ridable horses
• Shopping
• Hidden fun in the landscaping including relaxing, reading, games and more
• Yoga, exercise and tai chi under the serene waterfalls
• Cozy Outdoor Story Room
• Outdoor cafe overlooking the ocean
• Periodic events dancing, djs, bingo, open mic night, poetry, and art events
• Events to win $Lindens
• Notecards with updated SURLs to rez your train, car, motorcycle, airplane, yavscript pod tours and more all over mainland.

Visit us at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Queck/33/153/65


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