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TRUNK SHOW F/W 2017/2018


Dates Retail opens Sept. 23rd 2017  Shows  will be on Sept. 30th & Oct 1st 2017 Retail area closes Oct 6th 2017 

THEME  for event: a·près-ski 

{ social activity (as at a ski lodge) after a day's skiing snowboarding or other winter activities} 


Package 1 - 4 items,  2k linden

Package 2-  6 items , 4k linden

Package 3 - 8 items - 8k linden*will have items in  multiple shows*


* You must have at least 2 exclusive items.Items do not have to be original mesh. 

- Retail space is open one week prior to the fashion show. 

- Retail space prim allotment is 1 prim per item  you are putting into the event plus 10 for decoration. 


Please pay catwalkpayments resident and send a transaction notecard to vanessadelrio underwood for record purposes. 

This is a retail event not a just a fashion show. However, there will be a fashion weekend to showcase your designs. 

- you must send items to be blogged to the group 1-2 weeks prior to the retail opening for maximum exposure for your work via blogging and social media. 

** You will be added to the designer group upon payment***

TO APPLY ONINE: https://www.catwalk-sl.info/trunk-show-designer-application




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I have to ask:  is this a new Events organization?  I have been in sl almost 12 years and never heard of it before.  and whether it is or not those prices are pretty steep.  Just so you know I am not intentionally picking on you... But I have been stung before with folks supposedly setting up fairs and events:  taking your money and then just doing a disappearing act.. I have also been stung  by event promoters who have gone through with the event but not done any of the advertising etc. promised so no one actually knew about the event.  I cannot speak for all designers, but I am very careful now what events I sign up for...especially now since there seem to be more and more coming out of the woodwork, a fashion event unless it has a big well known name is unlikely to gain much attention with so many going on out there now.  And I might as well add, that I would not sign up for any event or fair where I was required to send out my work to bloggers blindly.  I will use bloggers if and only if I know their work and think it is good..  sadly most are not, I have seen way to many probably lovely clothing items, displayed on distorted body shapes in the most outlandish poses, not to mention the busy backgrounds ..  the items themselves get totally lost in all that!   But please do not judge me for speaking my mind.. I am no new kid here so I have some reason for what I say.

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No, this is an event hosted by CATWALK which is my modeling agency. However, the prices for stuff in comparison like penumbra etc are relatively more expensive. So in comparison to things I have seen or other fashion weeks thats actually quite reasonable. Its not an event in the normal sense like a simple retail event as there is a fashion weekend ( fashion shows) as well. This is only the second one. So yes it is new. No, I didn't take it as you picking on me you had valid questions I hope I answered.  =)

Also, about bloggers. There is a pool of bloggers which are mostly my models and/ others who apply to blog for the event. If you want to know my blogger standards you can look at my own blog:https://vannunderwoodsl.wordpress.com. As both a model and a blogger and someone who actually has experience in making lots of things clothing furniture etc.. I completely understand. It is not a *Blind group* it is a hand selected group. Mind you that would not stop anyone from using their own pool of bloggers. I am probably new to the forums but I also am old as dirt in sl terms so I hope this cleared some questions up. =)


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1406 days.

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