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Hi, my name is Cherryh and I am the GM for the Glory Hole After Dark and we are now hiring team members.
This is a new club, but the owners have been in SL for a good while and have owned other successful venues. 
We are excited about this new venue and club and want to bring solid team members on board that will make the club a fun place to be. Go and check it out -> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sensual Twilight/124/47/1001
Instead of the 24/7 operation we would like to start out slower and build our clientele by having events just three, or four times a week. We would like to cover worldwide time zones, so we will need staff from all over! We do not want to have the stressful staff boards to fill, or take up all of your SL time, but we do want solid, loyal, and most importantly fun and happy staff!
This club is on an adult sim, but that does not mean that the club has to be only adult content. We would like it to be a safe and fun place for adults to meet and enjoy themselves and for our staff to feel comfortable and appreciated. Of course we want to promote the venue that supports the club so we will need to include an invitation to members to go check it out. There will be a monthly event and award given to the highest tipped staff member. All staff members will be working for tips, so the more people we can draw to us will be a plus for everyone! We will be getting some very special sponsors for the events, so that we can offer some great prizes for the contests!
We need DJ's that play a wide range of music, except for Classical and Country. The venue is retro "Go-Go" and erotic in theme, so we feel that the music should at least compliment the feel of the club. If you as a DJ have a Host/Hostess that you know and would like to work with, that would be great and we would be glad to support that. We would like Dancers that like to have fun and flirt, but we do not require stripping and will leave that up to the dancer's discretion and no long emoting will be required. We need Host/Hostess' that are engaging and friendly and able to help keep local chat lively!
If you have any questions at all please feel free to IM me, or send a detailed note card. Thank you for your time!


GHFH afterdark hiring.png

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I would love to be your host , Im not gonna lie I never had a job, Im friendly Funny and sarcastic. I can put up with the job . 

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