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                                                                          Diamond Butterfly LGTB Friendly

★ Now open to everyone great place to come relax kick ur shoes off pull back a seat listen to the music or get up and dance or you can head to the beach dig ur toes in the sand and watch the sunset safe place to bring the little ones we got games cuddles for couples even lil place to sit on the beach and camp under the stars got live djs and great place to just to feel at home and place to come relax and even take photos if you want we have shops and add boards and even studio with professional photographer just at your finger tips so why dont you come down join us and see how u like us we sure be grateful you joined us    ★

Open hours   are  from 12pm slt  to 6pm slt

hiring  djs  host  and  dancers


http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aloha Reflections/145/161/2834

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