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Kappa Sigma Psi Pledge Application
Love is the master KEY that opens the gate of happiness. Be the KEY to your own success, join the lovely Kappa Vixens.

If you've made it this far then you have an interest in joining Kappa Sigma Psi. Before you take the next step and fill out this application and look over a few of our requirements and decide if KEY is right for you.

*All applicants must be women not only in SL but in RL  -- 100% of the time?  Sometimes I'm a robot in RL.
*Your SL account MUST be over 1 year old
*You MAY NOT be a part of another sorority on your current or ALT account
*You MUST be an active member of SL (Meaning no disappearing for months at a time without notice)

These are the basic requirements of joining KEY, if you feel that you're capable then please continue on.

Thank You!!


* Required
What is your SL Legacy Name?: *
Rhonda Huntress
What is your SL Display Name?: *
I don't have one
Time Zone : *
Rez Day: *

There have been so many I forget.  I think Rhonda's was December 09, or September 07, or somewhere in there. I'll go with December 11, 2008.  Yeah, that it exactly.


How did you hear about Kappa Sigma Psi?: *
Kappa Sigma Psi Event
* Other
Forum spam
Are you Willing and Able to Mic Up when asked?: *
Only if you are willing to do what I  say when I say without asking questions.
What is your Facebook Link:
Why Do You Want to be Apart of Kappa Sigma Psi?: *
Access to gullible women
What are you Looking to Gain from being Apart of Kappa Sigma Psi?: *
Access to gullible women. 
Why Should We Consider you to be Apart of KEY?: *
I know capitalization rules.
Have you ever been in a SL Sorority or currently apart of One? Why did you Leave or Considering Leaving?: *
I am not now nor have I ever been a member of the communist party.
What are your hobbies RL/SL?: *
My RL hobby is playing SL.  My SL hobby is playing TL
Describe yourself in 3 Words: *
Passionate, satirical and divine.
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2 hours ago, LadiiActionz said:

I bet you're the type of person that attacks minorities too, so naive and immature. 


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