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It Get's Lonely Sometimes

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Hey guys name is Yellow (ƳєƖƖσω (CurseSmile)) I'm about 1 year &1/2. In that time frame, I've been on and off in SL.

I want to be part of an imperfect family and friends group (PG & MODERATED themed)::

☞ mother (maybe father)

☞siblings (soul sistahs)

☞ friends

☞ dating; possibly an awesome SL partner too (if we click)

✿I do have a lovely zooby baby, I take it seriously 

✿I have always been the one who cares, who always send a message first, yet, I want to cared for too, accepted and wanted.

✿I want my own personal time attention not too much, not too few, but a sincere "hey, Yellow what's going on, let's do something," 

About me:


RL: 23 y.o. I am a sister, a daughter, friend, employee, esthetician, student, christian, cousin, auntie, therapist, & ++

✿ Eastern Day Time

✿I love food, positive energy, unlimited great convo, a great hug, warm cocoa (coffee makes me sleepy) music, sleeping, singing, food &+++

✿ I'm shy and soft spoken so I might be skeptical at first, but if you're sincere,  I've been told I'm pretty cool and a bit chatty once I've gotten comfortable.







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HI. I have an imperfect family and would love to have you as some part of it, we are not always PG, but depending on who is around we are. (Both I and my SL husband have kids we shelter from the R rated and up stuff) I'll send you an IM and we can get together sometime see of we fit into each others lives. I to am EST but I have a crazy schedule so our times might not match up very well.

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we have a giant baby in our family :D



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Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.
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Hi @CurseSmile


I have been here in SL for a few days, but I have met few people here from my country.
And I have these two friends, where we spend a good deal of time talking and shopping. :)

If I can find you inWorld, I'd like to talk to you and get to know you better.
* The only problem is that usually I can only connect after midnight (time in my Country).
From what you said (Eastern Day Time), here in Brazil, I am 1 hour more than you.



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