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[New2SL] Teen RPer

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I'm new to SL but I plan to be a long-term member of the online community. I've looked into some groups that I am considering on joining; Teen Years, Teen Queens, Teen Misfits...etc. I am hoping that I can connect with other SL Teens and make lasting (dysfunctional...LOL) friendships with others who share some of the same traits and hobbies as myself. 

I'm looking for a couple things, and hope that I can find what I am looking for, or get some advice via the SL Community Forums on where I can go to unlock what I am searching for: 

1. Role Play Family - A family (single parent / 2-parents) that mimics a real life family
2. Pet - I would prefer someone who plays a kitten, puppy or ferret. (I am not looking for a furry, but an actual animal rper please)
3. Bestie - No girl is complete when she is missing her bestie; girl or guy! 

If you are interested in any of those or would like to know more about me please message me on here or In-World. 

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I'm not a teen, but I imagine to approach is the same as for kids. You'll want to find teen things to do, which might include going to school. Finding a high school to join (even for a short time) would be a great way to find a bestie. As for parents and a pet, you can check around the community sim that said schools are located in, or check out something like Next Gen Inc. There are adoption boards for teens and pets there (as well as kids and parents), and I think there are friendship board (though they are probably underused).

Good luck, and welcome to SL.

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