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Applying Texture/Wallpaper to interior house walls, etc

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1) Once I apply a texture and I hate it and want to go back to just a blank wall -how do I do that? Can I?

2) How can I get textures to stretch over a wall? How can I get them to repeat instead?

3) How do I choose just one wall or just the trim work to apply a texture?



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There is no "undo" for applying a texture.  That's why you save the original texture to reapply, and you always work with a copy of the original object you are texturing.  If you are texturing a wall that someone else made, you should be careful.  The wall you intend to change may in fact be a structural unit or surface that covers much more of the building than you thought.  The safest way to proceed unless you are sure is to add an extra prim in front of the real wall and texture it.  Just like applying wallpaper to a RL wall instead of painting it.

You can answer most of your own questions about how to apply rexrures in general by doing some simple experiments with a rezzed prim, playing with the basic controls in the Texture tab in your viewer's editor.  They are all pretty self-explanatory.  For more advanced instruction, I suggest taking a free course at Builder's Brewery in world, or using the excellent tutorials at Caledon Oxbridge Univetsity.

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