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Looking for RP partners

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Getting back into SL and the RP community.. Looking for some friends to start roleplaying with again, or a potential partner depending on where the story goes. I play a demon (or can also be a dragon) ava. I'm a para/semi-para roleplayer. I have a super lazy (horrible) picture uploaded so you can see what my ava looks like. Far too lazy to get a really good one :P Note: I prefer to involve myself with people who put an equal amount of time in their avatar's looks as I do. I pride myself in this, and I want someone or friends who would equally do the same. 

My RP IC personality is quite frankly, hard to love. If you are able to break barriers and get over his flaws, than you are good to go. 


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I'm always looking for people to RP with. I play a witch, a werewolf college student, a zombie apocalypse survivor, and I have like a billion more. Send me an IM! J0rdxna on SL

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