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seeking parents + close-knit family

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Hello there ? My avatar's name is Lionel and he is 4 years old. I've come back to SL hoping once again to be able to find the family I'm looking for. Could it be you?

 I am:

a young adult irl. I am friendly, goofy, honest and soft-hearted. I am looking for a family to love! I am in EST (slt+3) time zone and online randomly between 9am and 9pm, when I should be asleep. I don't do baby talking, but I mess up some words. I don't use gestures.

I'm looking for:

a family that enjoys family RP! I want to live near other family members. (RP sim or personal sim). I want to have meals together. I want to go on trips. I want to celebrate holidays. I want to laugh and make memories together! I want a family that expects me to act like a kid and treats me like one, for sure-- but wants to get to know me OOC as well. Must be a chatter! I like to talk with people who like to talk.


Please be human or nearly human. Please have an up-to-date avatar, mostly mesh hair/clothes at least. Please be family friendly, at least around children. Please no people with huge already established families. Please no people who rely on Skype/voice to interact.


I am LGBT friendly, same-sex parents are just fine with me. I enjoy siblings, especially older ones. I would love grandparents, but that can come in time! I might attend school. I like pets too. I don't mind if you use an alt so long as you are my family on your main account, so I will get to see you often.

I like to:

Build. Chat. Laze at home. Watch movies. Make up fun games. Shop. Go on adventures!

If if you are also looking for a tight knit family, whether you want to be a parent or not, maybe we can make it work! Anyone interested can contact me at 00tk. Let's be family together.


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I have a small family, one son, he might like a brother, he ranges in age from 8 to 15, depending on his mood, we are not very strict about sticking to a role play plan as you can tell. I am also married, not to my son's father, and have a step daughter who is around 19. My husband, son and I are all EST as well, My time on is sporadic, our family is not very traditional, and I am not the world's greatest Mother. I do my best to shelter him from the adult aspects of my life, as I would with you, but a part of my income in SL comes from adult entertainment type activities. I do have a cat, but he isn't online a lot, and mainly just follows me around when he is on, and sometimes he isn't a cat but a doormat, which I know is weird, but that's the way it is. I am also an artist, I make virtual paintings for people to use in their virtual homes in SL. Anyway if you think there might be something here you can work with we should get together sometime

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I'm no longer adopting and havn't for a while however this post made me second guess myself.  You present well.  I hope you find/have found an amazing family. 

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