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Fnordian Link

1/4 region - commercial or residential - 5000 prims - L$5000/week

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*Special Discount* - Pay 3 Months Rent at Once and Receive 5% Discount

Region: Blue Moon
Area: 16384sqm (1/4 region)
Location: North central, use ground and/or air (Fnordian Magic & Gadgets store is on a platform at 652m on a parcel to the South).
Prims: 5000
Rating: Moderate
Rent: L$5000/week for 1/4 region parcel (or L$20000/month  (or $75/month via PayPal)
Terraforming: Allowed
Use: Light Commercial (e.g., retail store), or Residential. No Clubs or Adult Content please. Some breedables okay within reasonable limits. Inventory option "Restore to Last Position" is available for all renters.
Available: Immediately

If interested, please contact Fnordian Link. Drop me a notecard if I'm offline.

May also be split into two 1/8 region parcels for half the price and half the prims per parcel or four 1/16 parcels for one quarter price and prims each..

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue Moon/137/164/23

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