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Attention Daddy's VIPS! Aren't a VIP yet? COME TO Daddy's where we will ensure your VIP status!!!
We have some exciting things happening! Right now we are in the midst of a Magical Monday, stop in and let Daddy's Girls mesmerize you with their sexiness!
Then tomorrow 6/27 and every Tuesday is Topless Tuesday at Daddy's Naughty Pleasures where the Sexiest NAUGHTIEST Babygirls in all of SL are TOPLESS and ready to play!
DJ lineup for Topless Tuesday is as follows, come let the DJs fill your ear holes with eargasmic pleasure!
DJ Ditzy <3 Erotic Reading <3 4-5pm SLT (need a cold shower after!)
DJ Daemon 5-7pm SLT never know what will happen when Daemon is around!
DJ Addi 7-9 SLT providing sweet n sexy beats
Then Wednesday 6/28 we will have DJ Rick spinning his rockin' beats 4-6 pm, warming up the room for our SPECIAL EVENT! "BEST in COWBOY/COWGIRL" 6-8pm SLT! VIPS can enter to win $500L prize! Dust off those chaps, hats and boots and get your groove thing on! DJ Addi will be providing a sexy mix, sprinkling in some country beats for the occasion! YEEHAW!!
ALSO be sure to check out our ad boards where we have sexy Naughty Girls of all shapes, sizes and flavors available to spend some special time with you! We also currently have a Naughty Girl auction where you can bid to win time with one of Daddy's Naughty Girls! Lots going on! Come check us out! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasureland/246/180/25
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