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Contacting Vendor; Making Product Review

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A few questions if I may. 

How does a person contact a vendor to inquire about the availability and other matters related to a product.  IM or Note card, and if by notecard (which I would expect would be preferable) how does it get sent/communicated?

I have bought a series of products from vendors who offer a discount/refund on an item or a "free product.  I cannot seem to get that done.  And how do I inform the dealer after I have?

On unrelated matters, the names above me and others in my view have disappeared.  How do I get them back?  I have firestorm. Also, when I look at my account there are various listings, including "people".  When I click it shows "following" or "follow".  What does that mean, and how do I know if people are following me?


Thanks to all for your help.


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On the first point, you need to check the inworld profile of the creator in question. Look at both their main 'about' section, and also their 'picks' section. Most creators will put in one or other of those locations how they would prefer to be contacted. Some of the larger designers have Customer Services representatives that you need to contact instead, rather than contacting the designer directly. Whatever they state in their profile, go with that option.

If they have not stated how they prefer to be contacted, then gather all of your questions and/or information into a notecard. If it's a query about an item purchased and not received, make sure to include your transaction information. You can access this by logging into the main Second Life website and going to Account > L$ Transaction History. Make sure you title the notecard clearly, and once you've saved it you just drop it anywhere on their profile inworld. If you don't have this option (eg: I'm not sure if web profiles have it as an available option) just open a new IM session with them and drag the notecard into the IM window, then close the window.

Regarding your other query, do you mean the names above other people's heads have vanished? If so, open your Preferences menu (Avatar > Preferences) and look under the first tab. 'Name Tags' should have the 'on' radio button checked, as below:


As to your final question, what do you mean by "my account" where you see various listings? Do you mean here on the forum? If so, then clicking on your name will take you to your profile page and you can see who - if anyone - is following you here. It just means the same as following someone on any social media account: you can follow people to be kept up-to-date with what they're posting, etc.

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