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Proper way to light a mesh on blender for texture. How does everyone do it?

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I have been experimenting, and I can't seem to get a way to light up my mesh on blender evenly but at the same time getting that gloss/light information on certain parts without making the back look too dark. Is everyone just using the old 3 point lighting system? Is there other software I should use for texturing only? What am I missing here?

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Cycles does a much better job than Blender Render. 

A combination of area lamps and point lamps works well and you need a plane (and or wall if needed ) to reflect the light.  Don't put the back of yours model up against the wall unless you want it completely black which is pretty unrealistic. 

The gloss and reflection is mostly about the node structure (glossy node and mixed shader most likely) and not so much the lighting. A combination of course.

And yes, lighting is tricky.

Some tips in this video: https://www.slartist.com/displacement-shine-part-1_f129d7183.html


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