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Distant Shores Rental Brokers for Homestead

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Distant Shores Beach Rentals & Broker is now providing Quality sims. 

            Perfect Homestead 8000L$/Week YES we understand the cost might be pricy but Quality Does come at a Price and we want our customers to have the best of the best
• No premium account needed 
• Free terrains and landscapes:

* Limited Time Only
• No premium account needed 
• Free terrains and Themed Landscapes:

✓Pleasure Beach Island              ✓Mermaid Beach
✓Vampire Island                         ✓Paradise Beach 
✓Tiki Theme                               ✓Galera Theme 
✓Iron Man Theme                       ✓Jungle Theme
✓Winter Castle Theme                ✓Christmas Theme
✓Secret Island                           ✓New England Harbour
✓English Garden                        ✓Japanese Landscape
✓Dark Forest                             ✓Grassy Doughnut

• Full Estate Rights:

     ✓ No Covenant  
     ✓ No premium account needed 
     ✓ Music Stream – Upload your own music stream urls.        ✓ Ban residents  
     ✓ Restart Sim anytime you want 
     ✓Terraform the way you like  
      ✓ Re-texture the Sims and many more things.  
      ✓ Set maturity rating (Rated: Adult,Mature,General) 



• Excellent tier management system that allows you to:

                        ✓Pay the tier for land you own. 
                ✓Pay what you want, whenever you want. 

Contact Khajan Resident to FIND your perfect LAND today 

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