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Lafourche Crossing is a modern Para RP sim consisting of 3 Full Regions and 1 Homestead with a functional, player database, and script driven police, fire, medical, and civil services departments.  As well, a real-time weather HUD - helps add to the immersion. There are private/official businesses locations and residential rentals available for roleplayers, as well as open leadership opportunities for active, dedicated players. 

Finally, with the second annual HURRICANE (Beginning June 29th),  Lafourche Crossing is entering Chapter 2 of our story, The Curse & the Veil, bringing Magic and character Vampires to the sim!

More info can be found at: 


Landing Zone

Sim Story:

Lafourche Crossing is a small town in Lafourche Parish Louisiana, USA.  After a time of hardship, troubles, and woe, the town was finally struck low by natural disasters and lost it's incorporated status, leaving only a few residents and the witch of the swamps, Catherine Laveau, behind to pick up the pieces.  Rumors have it that over the years since losing its incorporated status, Catherine performed rituals, and setup charms across the town and the swamps as a whole to push away those misfortunes that had befallen its residents.  After a time the waters began to recede, and people to move back once more into the small town.  Now the town prospers, and under the hidden care of the witch of the swamps, continues to grow back towards its former glory.

Magic flows from more than the witch of the swamps, but from the minds and spirits of trained practitioners as well.  All the while, under the cover of a hurricane, a coven of Vampires moves in to claim a corner of this town for themselves.

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Lafourche Crossing is both crime and family friendly. With this slight shift in genre, Lafourche Crossing is looking to fill a few leadership positions to dedicated roleplayers. The links above can answer most of your questions, but if there is information we have left out please reach out to us

Jeremiah Xuanzang

Amira Moore

Giovanna Mapochi

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