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Puppeteering with VR, Leapmotion, Xsens mocap suit...

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I know that back in 2011, the devs were exploring the idea of a feature to let people "live-stream" animations to their avatars. This was the Puppeteer project.

Now that we have things like Leapmotion, working VR rigs that let you walk around, and suits that let you puppet animations live into games like Xsens (check out their unreal engine demo), I think it would be a good idea to look at implementing this again.

I also understand that they are currently focusing on letting users animate mesh objects as their next "big feature" (probably a heck of a lot more efficient than how people duplicate their mesh 100 times in different animation frames and cycle through them), but it would be good to see the puppeteer project come back in the near future.

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