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Female Looking for Work!


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Hey all, I am looking for work!

I am extremely versatile in what I can do, however I am looking for a paid position, this means an Event Planner, Manager... etc... (I can dance, host, etc on the side for tips)

I am willing to work for these positions though and gain peoples trust. I have 4 years host experience, 3 years dancer / escort experience, and 2 years of management experience.


I can work with:

Google Calendar

Google Documents

Google Spreadsheets

Contest Boards (if needed)

SHOUTcast boards

VIP group, Staff group, and if there is one, Management group


I can also:

Post events to in-world events calendar

Look for covers for DJ, Host, Dancers...etc

Make sure the rules are followed by staff and vips/patrons

Work with other managers and the owners to make sure things run smoothly

If needed, reset furniture if furniture stops working and needs to be reset

Send Notices to VIP group, Staff Group, and Management groups (when needed)

I am super quick with dealing with situations (griefers, drama, disagreements between people..etc) and can handle these situations in a calm and timely manner. I am super hard working and dedicated. I will put in 30+ hours a week if you let me... I keep drama far away from the place I work and I expect the same of other people who work at your establishment.

As a person, I am kind, sweet, hard-working, stubborn, driven, friendly, talkative, and I am able to handle high-stress situations such as a super busy club or where there is a multitude of deadlines to meet to make your club grow and flourish, or to come up with new ideas for weekly / monthly events.

Because of how insanely hard-working and dedicated I am, I ask for serious inquiries only because I DO NOT want to waste my time or your own. I also ask for adult clubs only or clubs on adult lands... I only have a few restrictions on music, no gangster rap and no country, and that is it.. all other music is fair game. I am able to start working as soon as possible!!

If this post interests you, please contact me online in-game, my display name is Astra Solo, username is astrahlynn resident. Make note I am also Second Life Time + 3, since I am in the US Eastern Time Zone... I am available to talk to anytime except for 12am SLT to 6am SLT since during that time is when I sleep.

Thank you for your interest...

Astra Solo (Astrahlynn resident)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2584 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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