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Slightly smaller beachfront sailable water 1/4 sim or 4096 or Roadside parcels for rent Great Deals !!

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                    ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~

We have three parcels  left for a Great deals !! What you get and  for the price is a steel!!

First is a a slightly smaller then a 1/4 sim its size is a 14528 meter with 4987 prims Beachfront  with open sailable waters  with a Sunset view.Lovely surroundings open and plenty of space. Full control over parcel  to make your dream home. 

Second parcel is a split island Tropical Island protected all sides. size is 3888 meters total with 1334 prims. The Tropical scene can be removed  for you to create your  own dream island.  It is a split parcel which means a linden river running through it  which makes it  a creative spot to make something  totally unique. Sunset view  as well with open ocean sailable waters.

Third is a Roadside parcel in shape of a triangle  open faced to the road  options  are endless there  make it a home or a store anything you like. Both if you prefer we can cut the land to do so for you. Access to Linden roads. Full control. Just let us know what you want  to do there we will help you  make it so.

All parcels can be striped to start fresh  or as you see it and add what you like. All rentals  get a couples dance ball full control and access to sailable waters and  Linden roads and all the many  activities Sweet Harmony provides for  our Residents to enjoy and have fun.   

         ~Sweet Harmony is more then meters and prims....It's a life style.~    

Visit our Information Center to see these and other rentals we have available;      http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peach/58/186/22                                            

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