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Building Futures @

Miss Virtual World Pro Academy


We're not all about Fashion. We're about everything that means Creativity and Arts!

We teach from photography, to Marketing and Branding!

We're building futures, and you can be the next successful person who can be part of our intensive course!

Instead of going to multiple schools and loosing money and not learning anything, you can be part of our program and learn everything you know in just 26 hours!Each course length is up to 2 hours and it's made individually: Teacher - Student for a more depth learning!

We hold seminars (who capture: Photography, Building & Bento Head Manipulation) and Open Access Days too, where you have a chance to win a full scholarship or % off for your tuition!

If you're interested then contact us today @ mvw.academy@gmail.com

In-World Contact: Adriel Huntress | Steele Sirnah

Application Form: Miss Virtual World Pro Academy Application

MVW Pro Academy Website: http://academy.thebestofsl.com/

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bento shapes are best learned with fiddling and making your own ... same as photoshop. plenty of tutorial's on youtube and sure, sucks to organise all but there's forums like reddit ones and here's https://www.reddit.com/r/LearningPhotoshop/top?t=all for example.

in case you want to look at sl blogs there's http://meshbodyaddicts.com and http://strawberrysingh.com both of which have photo taking tutorials. otherwise - update ur graphic drivers, use alternate viewers that are graphic intense (if you can) like black dragon or firestorm (it lags for me). set them up with tools like nvidia inspector or equivalent to get best results. https://loverdag.com does explanations for her photos which she does with reshade network which works with every viewer: https://reshade.me

as for marketing - for blogs look at seo positioning which is usually editing your posts and website to add keywords that place you atop of google rankings. repost all your website posts on flickr (and all sl groups - for best ones, look up individual photographers you fancy and their photo info which includes groups placed), plurk, fb, twitter and tumblr with sl and theme tags. if you want to cover events, track them and be atop of updates with sites similar to http://seraphimsl.com .

if you want to see how others edit stuff or work on their photos or sets - again, youtube is awesome and plenty slers showing crearive process like this one here: http://crmmudblood.tumblr.com (can't link youtube on phone so have her blog).

also ... don't pay for such schools as they usually only get you contacts at best while teaching you photoshop basics, placing props, making poses (again - i advice fiddling with tools such as https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Animare-Pose-Animation-System-BOXED/1554912?id=1554912&slug=Animare-Pose-Animation-System-BOXED ), chosing aos, hitting right shops to app to or for promo items (there's flickr groups for sl blogger search like this one: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2844722%40N24/ ), making websites (blogspot, wordpress, dreamwidth and tumblr would be best for initial one - have lots of themes you can use) and just oozing confidence. 

posting this as used to work for one of first schools like that (nah, not good at any of topics above or seen anyone be a pro at first - it's all just case of wanting and fiddling on ur own; worked in marketing so yeaaaaa). they're grand if ya don't have time and learn best with direct guidance or in groups but wouldn't be worth it for last 5k per month tops if that's ur thing.

sorry to but in op but ... smells like a scam with website down and no price tag or concrete skills so kinda went essay here (can't blame you for working for someone or if you do detailed promo one day).

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1387 days.

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