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One question ... if I stream internet radio to my sl home and the internet radio stream starts to sell advertising time to outside commercial interests who use it to tout their wares to whoever is listening at the time - how much of my personal and browsing information is shared with the advertisers via the internet radio station's web analytics ?  Is there a way to block audio adverts ? :-)


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First of all, thats not one question..:)

secondly, you have to see streams as independent from SL, the only thing the viewer does is send you the URL to the stream, other then that, SL has nothing to do with it, the sream server does not know where you get your stream URL, it does not know you decode the stream with the in the viewer build codec, the only thing it knows is what address to send the stream to. that is your IP address, its a public address that can be seen by every website and service you visit on the web, see it as the home address of your computer, without an address, no one can send you anything.

The analytics saved on the stream server are basically date and time you connected, how long you connected, how much data is sent and if there were any errors during this time.

There is no personal browsing history shared unless the advertiser can get your IP address, and connect that address to browser history saved by Google/Facebook etc. i know of no instance this is actually done, but i can be wrong.

Finally, advertisements are embedded in the stream, there is no way to filter that.

Hope this helps,




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