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Back, looking for new things and friends

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Hi everyone!

I'm getting back into SL after having been gone for a long time, many of my friends are gone. I'd love to have a few people I can hang out with and do whatever, like partying, exploring, blogging, etc...

I had to stop blogging for studies and others so I'll start over with my work again, also I have worked as a host so if someone works or wants to work we can search together.

I'm spanish, but I speak english and spanish so it's not a problem
If you're interested in hanging out or just chatting, feel free to add and message me :)

ɱίɴɴίε Șλɴτλɴλ ßιλϓιΘȻκ

minnie1999 resident


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I can always use another friend, but I tend to be scatterbrained, and by the time i get to SL, I forget all those people asking me to add them, so if you want feel free to add me.

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