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 We are a Maternity and Pediatrics Clinic that supports Mama Allpa ,and Pooterbilt Huds. We do Child Avatar Wellness checkups and any illness's.  We offer Voice and or Text Roleplay.  We have an on-site  Zooby Adoptions Area. We accept Monthly or Weekly Appointments. House Calls are available upon  the patients request. Maternity care includes the Monthly or Weekly Appointments , Ultrasounds, Exam, Delivery and Recovery Room visits ,  Pregnancy Tests ,  Prenatal Care,  Birth Announcements and Birth certificates are available in all Maternity Care  Packages! We are a small Maternity and Pediatrics Clinic so that we can ensure the proper care for all our patients!
Group chat available to all patients and to all Renters for the Zooby Adoption Area. Let us help you and your family enjoy adding to your family tree. 
Family Owned and Family Approved! On-site Online Indicator/Pager for Staff for your convenience. To join Moonstone Maternity & Pediatrics Clinic Group and to get a Group  tag for the Renters that want to put a child up for Adoption and for both our Pediatric and Maternity patients Please IM Dr. Moonstone or Nurse Cullen. We are set up this way so we can ensure quality care for our patients. All patients (Kids and Adults) must feel out a Patient Chart Notecard and return it to the mailbox on the desk inside the clinic. Patient Charts for Pediatrics and Maternity patients attached below. Leave a notecard in mailbox to be added to the group.
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Future Dreams/42/171/25

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