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I normally don't post on the forums, I used to just log in and wander around or log in and make something and log out.

However I have decided to branch out and become social again.

***my Past life***

I used to DJ and I was very good at it. I still DJ just not in SL. I plan to get back into it however.

My first name was Moira. Then Violet. I have been in SL in one form or another since 2005. Moira Died, she started DJ'ing at a little club called Mai Tai's.

I met great friends, enjoyed life and then things became serious. I ended up in a relationship with 2 wonderful people. It went well for a few years then as those things do, it fell a part.(D/s relationships are not always easy and as all relationships go, the people need to be mentally able to handle it)

I took a long break then came back. I lived happily and again met someone in RL and we decided to merge both lives, we became a full time D/s couple. W/we Married RL as well as a collar ceremony in SL. 

This was love at first sight and we didn't care what the odds were. My love and sub went to Iraq where they served 18 months. The war change them, changed me.

We ended up getting a divorce.So I left SL for a few years as we knew all of the same people and everything was a reminder of that.

I tried to come back. But it still hurt too much. I love SL however and I now feel the pain has passed enough that I can live again.

What I am not looking for is another relationship, just friends and a good life. 

**what I do****

I am forever learning, however I am quite proficient in Maya, Mudbox, 3DSMAX and Photoshop. I have already acquired land and setting up shop. 

I'm not aspiring to be a huge designer as I just don't have time. I make models for other games freelance. I have worked with EA and Blizzard.

Music is my first love and I will probably seek out another DJ gig, or maybe even just Spin freelance. I haven't decided yet.

**my limitations***

I have Fibromyalgia, Borderline personality disorder and a general social anxiety. For these reasons

second Life is sometimes my escape. And on these times, I just like being by the ocean at home making something new.

I tend to be anti-social, and yet I like people just not all the time. I guess I am selective.

I am open to new friends, nice people and fun. 

Please just know that I have days where I am not my best and I may be in pain. 

Like today I have a killer migraine and I'm just looking for a smile and a hi.


My RL and my SL are pretty much the same. I do like different avatars sometimes, but I am the same in both places.

AKA I am A Dominant-Asexual, mulit-ethnic female, age 46 yrs almost 47, 5.2 and about 125 lbs. These traits I carry with me in both worlds.

There are 3 versions of me in world.




Each has a purpose, DJ,Designer and Fun.

Much love



****some of these pictures are very old. just sharing a few pics from my past and present.****



Saying Goodmorning.png

Sitting in a tulip.png

V now_001.png

V's party.png

my body_002.png

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Hi, i would love to have you in my circle of friends, I to am sometimes not in the mood to be social, so I would understand those moments when you are that way. I aspire to be an SL artist, I have very little skill in anything related to imaging with a computer but I am slowly learning, I do have some moderate amount of skill with putting paint on a canvas with a brush so it has some merit, my problem with that is the lack of time, money for materials, and attention span, I tend to start things and not get them finished. Right now I have been experiencing a difficult time getting on to SL with any regularity, so I am not on every day. But it would be great to get to meet you in world sometime.

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