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Mesh Heads/Body Appliers Informations

Rumi Shippe
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I would like to ask if it is possible to check by some way which applier I`m using in my avatar?

Because I change a lot, also appliers for makeups lipsticks etc we change a lot. It would be great to find the appliers information the head/body is wearing without keep open the HUD windows for EACH appliers to know. 

I appreciate all helps.

Thank you!


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No, it is not possible to find out what applier has been used.

What you can do is to keep a separate copy of the body part for each variation. For example keep a copy of the head with pale skin and pink lips, and a copy of the head with tan skin and red lips, then wear whichever copy you need at the time. This will save having to re-apply makeup or fiddle with the HUD every time. If you want to record which appliers have been used, you can keep each copy in a folder of its own along with links to the appliers used.

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