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Kasumi Ravenheart

What are you doing today!? :D

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15 minutes ago, Rhonda Huntress said:

I swear, every day is another adventure of "look what the cat dragged in."


You are so tolerant.  What the hell is that?


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Decorating a bridal studio for photos. :) I snagged this ottoman by Trompe at Collabor88, and inspiration struck for an update. 


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I pretty much am always hanging out on my building platform so aside from showing "look what I just made" photos which likely no one cares about --- I have nothing to report on this thread.  But last night (oh so late and early) I set up at the Hop and Shop coming back to the grid on Friday. Many of you went to the SL14B event and this is the same venue only three sims instead of four. 

Everything is on sale; some things half off. My favorite part in being in these events is watching them come together. I recognized some names from the group listings but others I didn't know. So far it is looking pretty exciting. Some brands have been around forever and kind of dropped off the radar (or mine anyway) and some are new and also impressive (JUSTICE for one).

As suspected I have a less than stellar spot and rightly so as H and G is not as popular as hair and skins and clothes -- obviously. But I am thrilled to be there and had a great time setting up. NOW I am going to rest!  I SO NEED TO REST.


I am also celebrating 600 followers on Flickr today LOL.

PS. I am not posting this for self-promotion but if the moderators want to delete it I certainly understand :D.  It is kind of "gray" in my mind so I will let them decide. I am just excited :D. 






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two photos of the same thing in there :D
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Being bored in a random sandbox thats virtually abadoned. thought i'd try on a gacha thing i got a while ago but never unpacked.


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Suddenly I remembered that in Firestorm viewer there is particle generator which creates script for the particles too.
I played with it for a while and I was able to produce snowflake particles. So far so good.
Then I made tiny sphere and inserted the script into it, made a copy of and linked them.
I attached my :ph34r:amazing (:$) creation on skull and adjusted the prim positions so that they were centered on the snowflakes of the headband.

Then testing. Wow, look and behold, it works, it works! "Pretty cool, huh?" :SwingingFriends: ;)


PS. Notice my stunned look as if not really believing that it actually works. xD

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