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What are you doing today!? :D

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I am supposed to be helping an SL-Brother by making a motorbike for Halloween. I, uhh, well, am suffering my biggest problem there, procastination. But I will do it (tomorrow) and it will be great.

So, I will drive around a bit in my hovercraft, cuddle someone special, and work on improving a script to control the groupinvite bot. I will read the forums (likely offend someone) and people-watch at a place I love (with lots of green dots)

I will sing along (badly) to some great j-rock and I will make a little more of an objectification BDSM device I've been working on for ages (japanese dinner table).

Maybe I will build up the nerve to tell my partner our surf-sim doesn't need so many pink flamingos on the beach. ( *cries* )

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words transposed. Ugh.
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1 hour ago, norajulian said:

Working on refreshing my resume in SL. Does anyone have any tea this morning? 


I do I do  ;)

(pic taken at a sandbox with  my KaTink photo studio and my beloved {What´s next} Nantucket beach hut ^^ - just for the lulz ...when I have a home again you´re invited for a cuppa though )

time for tea_001.jpg

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