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Look who I found on my (RL) walk to the beach this morning...

Contemplating spring

Getting a really lucky shot.  I was taking pictures of something else and playing with the windlights, then cammed out and around a bit to check angles and just happened to catch this in my view.

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On 6/17/2017 at 2:33 PM, Talligurl said:

Yes put that on and come by my place sometime.


9 hours ago, Rhonda Huntress said:

Who would shoot at a fawn!?  That's just wrong.

There not enough meat on them to be worth carrying it back to the truck.



Make my day

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I've been told I should try to dress more cassual on occasion. I tried, and.. Failed? I don't know, I was thinking, 'summer'.Posin_001.thumb.png.603f0e76258637d0be26793eb35acae0.png

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Today I finished 4 new paintings and put them in the Windlight Gallery for the upcoming June Art Show opening this weekend, theme, fun in the Sun. 


Look at the paintings, not my face, which had not yet fully rezzed when i took this.

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   I enjoyed Hippie's singing this morning. He's got a good voice. The particle show was nice, and magical.

   Afterward, I spent some time with an old friend and a new friend, catching up and getting acquainted at the same time. Then even further afterward (I had the day off),  feeling nostalgic, I zapped around to a few of the places I used to spend time, at least, the ones that still exist. I once had a store from which I sporadically sold furniture back when sculptys were new and mesh hadn't come around yet. Near my parcel was a smaller parcel on which fire persistently crackled and sparked, getting on my nerves occasionally. I learned quickly that I couldn't really mute it because it was a temp-rez firepit. It would self-delete and come back again.

   In my explorations today I discovered that the fire is still there, on its untouched parcel, crackling merrily away and sparking like mad. Its owner is twelve years old and probably hasn't logged in for a long time. Anyway, I give you, the Undying Fire of Vexation:



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At the ranch feeding the animals their breakfast. Apparently Sappho hasn't even awaken yet. Lazy boy..

His brother Payton on the other hand is always awake and ready for his meals and some cuddles. 



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