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Look who I found on my (RL) walk to the beach this morning...

Contemplating spring

Getting a really lucky shot.  I was taking pictures of something else and playing with the windlights, then cammed out and around a bit to check angles and just happened to catch this in my view.

Posted Images

I’m in charge of the community holiday calendar for New Babbage this year so my office is pretty cheer-ily messy. Donner Square is a tiny tabletop village I have set out for the past few years a world within a world...also, Steam Santa and the Boiler Elf stopped in via steam sleigh after they discharged their traditional annual holiday party duties. Santa changed to his Hawaiian gear and started his vacay (photos carefully safe from prying eyes) but I’m sure the Boiler Elf won’t go until all the fruitcake has been eaten, ‘nog drained and the daily gifts done (around Epiphinay, our calendar is a real multi-holiday inclusive mashup, as it should be).
New Babbage is merry at winter holiday time. 




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Moving forward one of my minor projects, a better marine railway boat launcher for my seaside place in Bellisseria.


The old version. The track extends out into the water only when in use, so the boat can be launched and recovered. The carrier is just a big hollowed out prim, and Belli looks so good that it needs an upgrade to match.



New boat carrier, prim model. That was today's project. A fit and look check, to be redone in mesh after the holidays. This will run down the track into the water, carrying the boat. Then the rear tire bumper folds down and the boat can be backed out.



Real-world version. Where I got the idea.

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Goodbye old Linden Home, hello to house hunting! I did land in a houseboat on a good micro-location but a kind of ‘meh’ macro one in the south. I tried a trailer first but neighbors had too much crap out and half the LI is maybe not ideal for me. And then I got a second even less-ideal houseboat location, same area. 2 traditionals, each on unremarkable plots and that was my 5 tries for the 24 hr period used up. The search will continue. 






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5 minutes ago, TatianaNikolay said:

No, I live on a different part of mainland, but was looking for land for my sis to move her store too.  I live in Alcona, by the big lake. 

Well if you’re ever in the neighborhood again and you see me around be sure to stop and say hello. Your ufo looks fun!! Did you find land? 

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31 minutes ago, Zennessa said:

Well if you’re ever in the neighborhood again and you see me around be sure to stop and say hello. Your ufo looks fun!! Did you find land? 

I'll say hi next time for sure! I didn't, but I also kind of should let my sis pick out her own land. She's very particular lol! Yes, the UFO is a fun way to travel around rather than just my bike or car lol.

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My dream house has always had one of those old libraries with those fantastic ladders. So now that I have a lovely Victorian house to put it in, I'm starting to build the library of my dreams.


And, yes, Peony is doing joinery in a ballgown...because she can.

Edited by Peony Sweetwater
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One of my NPCs, in running gear because she moves at running speed. Really because this is something that can be done at low land impact with my limited clothing-construction skills. I've shown this before; it's months old.

Amusing moment yesterday. I'm driving past a real-world California coastal high school in the afternoon as it's emptying out. And I see my NPC! There's a high-schooler in tight grey sweat pants, a tight white T-shirt, and running shoes. Bare ankles and bare midriff, just like the SL model. I was startled by the resemblance.

I try to put my NPCs in realistic outfits, but I never expected to see a RL match that close for this outfit.

(Slowly, I'm acquiring an animesh wardrobe that looks like the juniors section at Target. Jeans, mesh sneakers, T-shirts, tank tops. Stuff that can be mixed and matched and retextured for multiple characters. Currently looking for a low-LI hoodie or jacket and low-LI mesh work boots for animesh use.)

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