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Look who I found on my (RL) walk to the beach this morning...

Contemplating spring

Getting a really lucky shot.  I was taking pictures of something else and playing with the windlights, then cammed out and around a bit to check angles and just happened to catch this in my view.

Posted Images

Getting tattooed! (In real life).

Being that I am a self-confessed crazy cat lady (even if my fur-babies are now all in heaven or where ever it is animal souls go to rest) I proudly have all four of their names inked onto my arm along with a portrait of my first and then-oldest fur-baby. Two lived to be over 13, two didn't. But now i have them with me forever! (or at least until I lose my arm or something...) 


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In SL I'm trying to get back the spark and excitement for doing up a new picture idea  that I had last night, but not feeling super today so just idling- if I ever get going again it's going to be a Halloween candy centrific piccie.  In RL I have the baking show "Halloween Wars" on but not really paying attention. My bestie was just admitted to the hospital, but she's almost 800 miles away so I can't go be with her.  Probably why I'm feeling blah, from worry over her :( 



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14 hours ago, Parhelion Palou said:

Today I was at the Breakfast Club breakfast:


Here's one that @Clover Jinx and @Rhonda Huntress may like:


I'll probably put the rest on Flickr once I go through the pictures to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I'm so sorry I wasn't there to turn the lights on and light the candles. I hope everyone had a good time. 

Maybe we can do it again around Christmas and things in RL will be more settled for me by then.

Oh... and if I disappear for a few days it's because we are changing providers (again) but I should be back online by Friday evening. Not that anyone other than Par would notice. :P :D

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Wherever you go...whatever you do, always take a friend...in case you're not aware..this is Wonky, and he thinks you should be jealous of his sweet jammies


I can't show you where we're going...or where we've been. Neither one of us is big enough to reach the wheel OR pedals, but we have fun anyway


(this is somewhere on Pop, I have no idea whose house that is)


And...we're off



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