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Look who I found on my (RL) walk to the beach this morning...

Contemplating spring

Getting a really lucky shot.  I was taking pictures of something else and playing with the windlights, then cammed out and around a bit to check angles and just happened to catch this in my view.

Posted Images


Visiting The London Sims Social Hub @ HYDE PARK, Spent a lot of time here, when I first made this account.

Sadly, these days, it's not as active as it used to be. But I still like to visit every now and then


Btw. Thats not a person in the weird chicken man suit. Its Animesh (=^.^=)

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Waiting to see if my neighbor relists his land for sale. It showed on the map at $3.9 L per sq m, which is phenomnal for 2x protected land on Zindra, but when I got there it was withdrawn from sale (not sold, it was same owner). I sent him an offline offering him $5 L per sq m, so now I just wait.

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On 1/27/2019 at 4:04 PM, Hunkledink said:

Currently at a family wedding, drinking by myself like a loner >.<

You could have asked me to come,  I love weddings and dates with well dressed men.

but instead I just hang out on  this billboard.



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4 minutes ago, Hunkledink said:

Thought I'd check out The Forum Cartel Hangout today. I waited behind the bar for ages, but no one arrived. So I stole some alcohol and went back home! 😏


Did you mention in the group chat that you were bartending?  That will sometimes draw us in.

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