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My name is Bree, and I'm the owner of Totally 80s. We're a spin off from "I Love the 80's" that had been around for 5 years, but the owners ended up leaving SL. We're picking up where they left off, with their blessing. We are lucky enough to have the old venue's following, along with a new following of our own. 

I'm looking for some quality DJ's and Hosts for permanent positions. We play all genres from 1980-1989, though we do give a bit of "wiggle room" to play a couple songs as far back as 75 and as forward as 92. If you are interested in working at a fun, friendly place with amazing staff and VIPs, please send me (DJ Bree AKA BreeziMarie Resident) a NC with your availability. DJ's and hosts keep 100% of their tips. We're a PG club, fun, and friendly. We've got the friendliest people on our staff, and our VIPs are amazing. 

Please feel free to come and take a look at the club. We typically have DJs 7 days a week 10 am through 2 AM. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zurich City/25/126/27

I look forward to hearing from you!


Owner, Totally 80s

totally 80s final - Copy.jpg

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I'm a DJ at Totally 80s, and highly recommend it to 80s DJs of all genres... and hosts, too.   Management is fun to work with (and SANE); and the staff truly is a group of friends that work well together!!    And I won't even start about the BEST VIPs around...   Y'all have to come check it out for yourself!!

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17 hours ago, Zsigmond Alcott said:

Now if they can just get the DJ's to call people by their Display Name ¬¬

Yes, these seems to be a problem for many people all across the grid. I'm unsure why that is to be honest. I guess it's in the way that each person has it set up for which display names should be shown. 

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