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Hi! My name is Moro, and I'm a photographer. I am not the best one out there, but I try. 
Shadow Photography is brand new, and I can't wait for people to start knowing about it.
My prices are very cheap. It doesn't matter how long I take to do your photo, It's 25L!
I have a notecard about more information of SP. Contact if interested or have questions!


free_stock_image___midnight_walk_by_kevron2001-d77rgz4 (2).jpg



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I am also looking for Models, people who would be willing to advertise, and prehaps additional photographers. If you are interested, contact me.
But, since SP is brand new and I don't have any L$, those who would want to be in any of the above jobs, would not get paid until SP has customers, and I don't know when that would be since not many people are interested.

Thanks all, 

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