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Upscale Club Hiring!

Niki Racer

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Hey! Club Z is an upscale casual club. We do not have dancers or any sexual content. We have live performers as well as djs. We are currently hiring for hosts and djs. Me and my two sisters are the managers of the club and have many years of club experience. We are here to stay and have a very supportive owner. This club is not one that will go away overnight. Are you tired of going to clubs where all the staff do is play gesture after gesture? You will not find that here at Club Z. We do not allow any gesturing for our staff. We prefer active conversations. If you are interested in applying for a host or a dj position at Club Z, please message Niki Racer in world. I am posting the requirements of each position below. Thanks! 


DJ Requirements: 


-  You own your own club as it is a conflict of interest.
 - You do not speak during your sets (either voice or chat), or take requests.
 - You are a speaking DJ who speaks in a language no one can understand.
 - Your voice repels dogs and small children, or you are wearing a leash.
 - You are not entertaining.
 - Don't have confidence in your amazing DJ and/or voice skills.
 - You use Winamp.
 - You have a stream with less than 50 listeners.
 - You have a microphone that is made by Fisher Price.
 - You stream at a bit rate of 32kbps.
 - You don't know what a bit rate is.
 - You intend to stream off a wireless connection from a hotel room.
 - If you have a fantasy about being a DJ and have never done it before - some form of experience is required as this is not the place to experiment. 

 - You have a good quality microphone.
 - You have SAM Broadcaster or VDJ or equivalent.
 - You have a reliable high quality stream. Minimum requirement is the ability to broadcast at 128kbps with 50 listeners.
 - Your voice must sound good, you must sound professional, and most importantly have the ability to entertain.


Host Requirements

PLEASE NOTE - (We are not looking for applications, we are looking for commitments.) DO NOT APPLY IF:

If your show is filled with blatant sexual commentary and vile language.

If you are under 3 weeks old.

If you are under 21 years of age.

If you intend to dance in a non human form. 

If you can't put in a reasonable amount of time each week.

PLEASE NOTE – Hosts are not strippers or escorts, nor do they engage in any pay for sexual service activities. CLUB Z hosts are entertainers and hostesses who engage the audience in conversation, and promote the club. If you intend to work as a sex worker there are many other fine establishments in Second Life to exercise your skills.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2306 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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