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Shiva Meiler

Casual conversations

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Hi there, I'm Shiva! 

I'm always looking for people to talk (both in chat and in voice) with but I tend to engage myself more in casual conversations than in lasting relationships (I don't login always at the same time nor everyday; it happens that I don't login for months and then, for a week, I do it everyday, etc but I like meeting new people and explore the world in company).

How can I engage people to just have a chat and explore with me, in an occasional way? Should I join a group or go to specific places? Or just IM someone interesting and say "let's go, no strings attached"? :D

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Usually when people log in to SL they do so with a purpose. It would be difficult to find someone who is in the right state of mind to go exploring. The only aimless people I know would be new people who dont even know what to do in SL. Nebies also dont know much about relationships too. So that's a plus.

Or just ask random people. You never know.

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