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BelleBooper Bunjie

Where are these eyebrows and skin from?

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I want to know where these eyebrows are from or what skin it came with: https://gyazo.com/600617c551822c2c2e3bb49a244abe76

I also want to know where just this skin came from: https://gyazo.com/9f1cbf7e11b292e0baf48d613d5ac39d

i havent been on secondlife in a long time and need to upgrade my avatar, i really like those eyebrow choice and the skin choice. help much appreciated. thank you 

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well, posting your question in the proper forum , like Forum>>People>>Avatar or Forum>>Creation>>Fashion , etc. would be a good start. did you take those pictures yourself? if so, why not ask the Avatar wearing them. also there are now hundreds of eyebrow variation appliers out there, and they can all look unique depending on head and shape (i.e. one might look like the another too).

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well; if you dont have a mesh body i know some wonderful places to get reasonable priced and quality skins..

The Skin Shop

7 Deadly Skins

WoW Skins

Panda Punx

Mother Goose has numerous letter-boards and a variety of skins :)


You probably wont find this exact skin; that appears to be a mesh body; and you may have to also add some nice makeup to get the facial look you desire.


Finding brows are as simple as going onto marketplace and searching "Brows" Im not exactly sure if the brows pictures come with the skin or if they are an overlay.


Happy hunting :)

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