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Returning to Second life

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Hello all!

I have just recently returned to Second life after a somewhat decent break. So far I have spent some time running around and exploring some places, but haven't had much luck making friends as I am unsure where to go.

I can be a bit shy too, so I suppose it's a tad hard for me to start conversations. However after the ice is broken, I am usually much more talkative, through IMs and the like. It would probably take me a bit to get used to using mic, as I haven't really ever done so. I'm horrible at speaking to people over the telephone in RL also haha.

I really enjoy dancing, and exploring new places. I take a lot of pictures and love to edit them, trying to get better at this and maybe even pick up Photoshop! I have Role played in the past, but it was very spaced out, if I were to find a community where I feel like I can really find myself there, I would love to try it out.

Not sure what else to say, so if you have any questions or just wanna chat, hit me up! :D

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Hi MythicalTrippy o/ how ya doing?

I'm also a "returner" and i find myself in same situation. 

I love explore, shop, hunt, hang, play group games, make themed pictures (specially with friends), i'm not good with roleplaying but i'm up to give it a try from time to time. Basically i'm up to try almost any kind of adventurous. Also interested in learn new crafts and languages and cultures and so on xD

I had sent you a friend request in world, if you think we could be friends just accept and see ya soon! Tschuss :ph34r:


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Hi, i to love taking pictures and exploring. i have a little business in SL where I sell virtual paintings I make from my pictures, I have just started to experiment with making mesh frames that are more involved, and hopefully more interesting than the basic texture on a flat prim I have been selling. It would be great to have someone to explore with.

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