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Looking for Combat HUD/Zombie Scripter


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Pardon my English. Not first language. My have horror (silent hill) sim and have hud made already with health bar 0 to 100. (For safe, have seperate images for health bar moving 0 to 100. Don't know if was needed but did it just in case.) Anyway, don't need any designer. made hud and sound files and models myself. But problem is the scripting. Not have brain for it. Also not know what possible and what is not. So scripter can talk to me. 


What want to do:

zombies (monsters)----

one collision takes away 5 health

one collision takes 10 health - BOSS Monsters only

if collision is still touching object without retreating, can take away additional 5 health every 5 or 10 seconds

have a rezzer script.. but Is need a scripter who can turn my monsters into attack with the sound files my have already.
and to follow the person after they spawn. And it would nice to use certain weapon.
that use script that could kill them rather than bullet.  tired of giving people permission to rez in my land and having
them litter my sim wherever they go.
can make or get weapons to use but need a script that will kill them when you aim and fire at them.


need to attach hud when avatar steps over a certain location in sim. And if possible, to disappear when leave sim.

want death animation with death sound from silent hill when reaches 0 hp (  will provide the sound file )

After death, want able to click REZ on hud and auto teleport avatar to sim graveyard and restart hud at 100. 
Stats are also reset when die or leave the sim.

need script for colliding into one object that will add 20 or 40 health points at a time. (med kit)

My will provide the monster models and the med kits.  just need a scripter please. Want to make it so it is all linked
to my experience. This so nobody needs to keep accepting permissions.

When click stats, it show how many kills you had in the nearby chat. this will reset after death or leaving sim. There is also 
teleport to safety button just to teleport back to the main enterance where the freebie ads are. and another button
that will just show a message in nearby chat.



please message to me with interest join silent hill team and do scripting. :))



shirotempest resident


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1953 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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