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Blender UV Texture Tools Add-On?

Chic Aeon

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I have been watching a tutorial and in the midst we get to UV mapping and the instructor hits "T" and get a great set of UV tools that make instant work of some things that I have been doing by hand (oh my!)  when "I" hit "T" I get a tiny transform pane with (translate rotate scale) and a Grease Pencil tab. SO NOT THE SAME.


So of course I WANT THEM but I don't see them in the preferences (or I am missing them) and many search terms are coming up with interesting things in Google, but not this.   Here is a screenshot. The feature may have "Grid" in the title of the Add-on. That it IS an add-on is only a guess. It may be a part of Blender that I have never heard about :D. 


So any hints appreciated.

Here is a screenshot of what you end up with. 


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1 hour ago, Aquila Kytori said:

The name of the addon is right there in the screenshot that you posted :)


Well I won't even pretend that I overlooked that LOL. Thank you sweetie!  Will go check it out. I just did thing the slow way and called it "meditation" LOL which I actually enjoy. I also backtracked in the tutorials and may get more info on one I am going to watch.




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On 26/05/2017 at 10:12 PM, anna2358 said:

I want it too.  I am fed up of hours aligning verts in the UV.

Straightening out UV’s

Follow Active Quads  method:

1: In the 3D Editor, select the relevant part of the mesh.

2: In the UV Editor,  from the UV island and that needs to be “straightened” choose one of the quads and in Edge select mode, one by one; straighten the 4 edges of that quad.  (shortcut key W, to open Weld / Align menu and choose Align Auto (or Align X or Y).

3: Switch to Face select mode and in the UV Editor select the newly “straightened” quad. This will now be the “Active Quad” used when Unwrapping.

4: Go back to the 3D Editor and open the UV mapping menu and choose the Follow Active Quads option and hit OK button. All of the UV Island will now be “straightened”.




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Funny really. With the Blender beast I have gone from fear to hate to timidity to awe to swearing (ok thats still a part) to ennui to hate to awe to.... then I realised its a toolbox. Right now having a whale of a time painting textures in UV and model and.. :) Fun. Realised its a little like when I rode and had all kinds of tools but the only ones that mattered were the ones that fitted under the saddle. Which is where Aquila's tip fits wonderfully.

To the point that I can now happily mix and match old school prims, dreaded sculpties and mesh in builds. Its fabulous. And I do it so wrong haha

Best advice I ever got? Erm 'You can't get here from there. And my brother who lives there told me. Also Scrumpie'

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There's another one I just love, you made me think of it because the "T" shelf is hugely improved among many other things.  I've only recently started to play with it but got it last year sometime.  Its actually awesome... the main component is free & supper useful, "Sensei Format with Zero brush lite", but his Zero Brush expansion is well worth the super cheap price & to support him in further developments.  Hes got a new one called Alchemy ive not tried yet, it looks excellent too.

Its definitely worth checking out if you've not seen it yet.  Im so used to it now i never want to go back to vanilla Blender lol, in the new extremely powerful Blender 2.8 coming soon this will be even better im sure.

" Sensei Format is a free addon loaded with hundreds of tweaks to simplify and enhance Blender"

" Zero Brush transforms Blender into a powerhouse production studio taking all the grunt work out of painting, sculpting, material baking, normal map creation and more for both Blender Render and Cycles."




:D No, im not connected to him, nor do I make any money off him, I just love it lol.

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