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Cy Tamalyn

Seeking Dynamic Roleplayers....

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Have you ever wanted to play a character that is fun?  Perhaps something challenging?  Do you like political intrigue, subterfuge? 


The Mystfolk of The Conquest of Elysium are looking for you.  We have many roles to fill, and are seeking writers who can weave stories with depth and interest.  Fae are not all light, life, and giggles.  They are an ancient, immortal race, with complex motivations, encompassing a variety of alignments.  Dark, light, and in between are welcome - wanted - desired.  Under the lead of the Ard Rhi (High Queen), the fae set out to maintain the balance.  This does not mean peace and tranquility, but a healthy respect for the light and shadow that make up the day and night, the web of life, the ebb and flow of nature.  Explore the possibilities, with numerous subraces of Mystfolk to choose from.


If this appeals to you, come see the beautiful sim and meet the active and well written players.  IM Cy Tamalyn with any questions, comments.. 

We look forward to seeing and writing with you!

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Conquest of Elysium/123/100/2521


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