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Having issues with new computer build and Second Life

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Summary: Whenever I start any Second Life viewer, my graphics driver fails to the point my computer reboots.

I have recently updated my PC from an Intel/Nvidia build to an AMD one, my specs are as below:

CPU AMD Ryzen 7 1800x Eight-Core
RAM 64 GB of DDR4 at 2400 Mhz
GRAPHICS Radeon RX 580 Series
OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit








I am on the latest drivers for all of the hardware items listed above, the OS is also up to date.

When starting a Second Life viewer of any description, I am able to view the world after loading for about 2 seconds, then my screen goes black, followed by my computer rebooting soon after.

I have stress tested the CPU for 24 hours using Prime95, and it is stable.

I have also stress tested the GPU using FurMark and a number of other pieces of software, it is also stable in that regard.

The Ram was tested using MemTest86+, it is running perfectly as well.

So hardware is not the issue, I have attempted to roll back the drivers for the GPU, but due to the newness of the card, there are not many drivers to roll back to, besides, the issue occurs on all versions of the software.

I was able to get Second Life stable using a test viewer from a thread I found, but the experience was sub-optimal due to lack of any graphics options including basic shaders.


My purpose in making this thread is this: Is this an issue on my end and there is a solution I am not aware of? Or is this an issue for other people running similar hardware?

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