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If you are in a Linden Home, you use the control panel that is next to the door.  If yours does not work for some reason, contact Live Chat.  As a Premium member, you paid for the service.  Use it.  They are control panel experts.  [EDIT:  If you are in a Horizons home, don't bother Live Chat.  Your control panel will never fail.  If it seems to, you can always replace the house with the controls in your mailbox.]

If you are not in a Linden Home, all bets are off.  You'll have to change the walls yourself, but the options will depend on the house and on what permissions you have for it.

No matter where you are, don't waste too much time worrying about locks.  There is no such thing as a locked door in SL.  Anyone with more than a week's worth of experience in world can get past a locked door by simply sitting on something on the other side.   If you are more than mildly concerned about your privacy, you could always set World >> About Land >> Options to make it impossible for anyone outside of your parcel to see or hear what you are doing inside.  Otherwise, learn to relax.  Nobody can harm you or steal your stuff.

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