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Beachfront Parcel with open sailable waters, pay 4 weeks get 2 weeks Free for a limited time only

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                                                                                          ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~

  *************Limited time only !! Pay 4 weeks get 2 weeks FREE!!*****************

         Beachfront parcel with sailable open water "prime spot" beautiful Sunrise view!!  

                           4608 meters with 1582 prims for only 2000L weekly
Fully Private and  secure parcel. This comes with  full control like over sound and media access and  Ban list  Land security and comes with a couples dance ball. Set in a lovely quiet area. Parcel has a furnished house with landscaping but can all be cleared if you  wish to rez your own house and decorate it all yourself. 

Many other features  to Sweet Harmony Rentals, like hanggliding and many types of boating fun, Bumper boats, bubble game, greedy, Romantic dance areas and a lovely garden to relax at. place to hang at with friends and family. Not to mention all residents have access to open sailable waters and  linden roads to cruise on.

Our prices are affordable and personal service is our goal to make your visit a pleasant one . Easy  navigate  through the  Information Center to find  what your looking for. 


Click here to come visit our information Center :http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peach/53/187/22

                        ~Sweet Harmony is more then meters and prims...... it's a life style~

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