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So Hi, I'm Purz-- I carry a shattered heart, wounds that don't close, yet I still believe in fairy tales.
  (I definitely believe in a beautiful girl that sparkles when she walks too.)
  What I'm looking for in a friend/companion is unique beyond comprehension.. Perhaps that's why I haven't been able to make many since the ones I grew up with had passed away.. (overdoses and suicides).
As far as my AV's "persona" goes, shes all me.  I'm straight up with those I talk to.. Yes, I want friends and hopefully a dark-heart one day-- but I'm not one of those people that are okay with just calling it a day with a photo of me without a bit of a background, morose and beautiful at the same time. 
  I did start a group for those that have suffered passed the traditional "depression".. I'm working on it's own location, in the meantime meeting at my house if anyone wants to have movie night that I set up.. I also set up a Skype for us, so yes-- questions about whether or not I'm actually the girl in my photos, don't even ask. I also DJ and host groups for controversial and supportive issues.. It is just me working on all of this but I'm doing the same in real life-- I'm working on a grant for victims of abuse, substance use, ptsd, homeless.. thats to name a few-- I'm just trying really hard to help others, and not many people are helping me back.
I work really hard to help others, and it doesn't discourage me, only make me sad that I'm not being thought of the way I will think of a stranger and help them. I suppose it just hurts a small bit. and yet, I really just try to forget about it because crying is harder.
  Anyway, I'm a Pagan. I've been a Pagan since 13.. now in my late 20s and I'm still gratefully learning.. I admire the light and the darkness beauty of it. It's absolutely lovely, as well as continues to help me find spirit through study. 
  I very little role-play, (other than embellish with my cute Demonic tail and furry now and then) in Second Life because my First Life has become a bit broken and scary that I seek so desperately people that like me for who I truly am, and not what I could never be..
  • I'm so honest that most don't stick around, and I don't want that kind of posse anyway. I want strength, and people who don't cower when faced with the opportunity to stand up for themselves or someone they love.
I'm hoping to settle down at least with a bad-ass crew, even if the one person with the other piece of my heart doesn't exists--
At the least I'd have my coven of ladies.
I love men also, just they always wound up being the people to slam me up in the air or punch me in the face....
Men usually make decent friends though..
However, those that give up will never see daylight the way it's suppose to be seen.
I've battled, I've fought, I've won, I've lost.
A bit more about me;
I am a freelance Jill of All Trades; I am well educated with two degrees. I love sophisticated conversation..
I make music, graphic art, write constantly, and an IT and Networking Specialist.
I do my own projects-- whether it be for victims of abuse to tune creation or publication, to fit training, etcétera..
I love helping individuals realize their true potential.
I monitor websites, and absolutely love being a internet DJ.

I'm a Gamer, used to be Pro. Now an Xbox Ambassador--
I wouldn't give up my XB1 for anything.
I love the weirdest s h i t, and I listen to music that might give you a headache.

I don't like social media too much, but I like to hope there's still a few wonderful people out there.
But being "in" on the Net, you need a few pointless apps.
She has the most frightening beautiful life in her eyes that can give me oxygen when needed,
and take it away whenever she wishes.
Yep! So!
There's a brief synopsis.
(Don't bother if you're fake or soliciting, I'm a Computer Specialist and can find out easily, please don't waste my time.)
If that didn't scare the s h i t out of you by all means,
hit me up!
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heyy i just read ur post, every word and every sentence. i'd love to get to know you. hmu inworld or message me on this.

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hi im kitty yea weird name but i go by braty in sl im wiccan i believe in supernatural  and tht everyone has their ownw gifts umm i could write so much more im new to secondlife i hope thts okay but id love to get to know you im an earth witch /heller in training ^_^ i love darkstuff im also casual goth irl feel free to IM im on alot 

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