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A long time ago in SL, I helped someone make shoes with heel click sounds and there were several freely available audio files out there on the net or on MP.  Everyone used pretty much the same sound and it was open source (although some tried to sell it).  This is a pretty standard sound that is used in many games including SL, and is used in SL by multiple creators.

Now I'm trying to make my own shoes and I can't find anything.   

All I can find is the original advice and scripts from Gwyneth Llewelyn on the topic, (thanks Gwyneth!) but the sound she uses in the examples is not the one I'm looking for.  

Can anyone point to a sound file (that's legal or free to use of course) for this purpose?  It has to be full perm of course, but even though the sound I'm thinking of is open source, I would pay for a full perm version of a good heel click sound.  

any help appreciated, 


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why not get a microphone, and put some heels on, and walk around recording the click and make your own sound wav file. What you are asking is better covered in a 'Wanted' forum.

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