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Looking for experienced Manager

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 If you have experience on keeping things running smoothly, supervise employers and most of all keep up with a schedule please contact us for immediate hiring. Comment below or IM inworld to Icwlindsey Resident.

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Hello My name is DianeAguilar05 Resident and I am interested in the manager postilion. I worked for JR Rentals for a little over a year as a Rental Agent/ Rental Manager. My duties there are as followed:

  • Managing and supervising a team of 10
  • Customer support for tenants.
  • Scheduling weekly and monthly team meetings.
  • Created Rental TOS NC, Rental Information NC, Rental Help NC, Employment TOS NC, Employee Report NC for owner.
  • Over seen the entire process of hiring/ firing of employees, along with ejecting tenants when needed.
  • Created Photos for website of rentals .
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports of current Tenants rental /prim usage , along with traffic.
  • Constant communication with team and of course owner.
  • Handled Advertising / recruitment of tenants.


If you could, please contact me in-world to discuss further.

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